Obscure Simpsons' Reference Band Names


#20 Sideshow Luke Perry - Who can forget Krusty's worthless half-brother? (I was also tempted to go with "Krudler," a racehorse co-owned by Krusty and Bette Midler.)

#19 Worker and Parasite – This would make a great German band

#18 In Rod We Trust – This would also make a good Twilight Zone tribute band.

#17 Floor Pie – Who hasn't fallen for this most subtle of traps?

#16 Poochie, We Hardly Knew Ye – 
"The name's Poochie D and I rock the Telly
I'm half Joe Camel and a third Fonzarelli
I'm the kung fu hippie from Gangsta city
I'm a rappin' Surfer you the fool I pity!"

#15 Nahasapeemapetilon – You're halfway to "MacArthur Park" just with the name

#14 Mr. Plow – "What's my name? Mr. Plow. That name again is Mr. Plow."

#13 Worst Band Ever! – Right now Weezer is upset they didn't think of this ironic band name first.

#12 Feast of Maximum Occupancy – It's not just a band, it's a religion!

#11 I was saying Boo-urns – For the Hans Moleman in all of us.

#10 Maison Derriere – 
We're the gin in your martini, 
The clams on your linguini, 
Yes we put the [BOING sound-effect] in Springfield!
(Move over Barry White)

#9 Pageant of the Transmundane – It just sounds so much more majestic than Freak Show, doesn't it? To this day Billy Corgan is made he made his second group Zwan.

#8 The Gilded Truffle – I'm sensing Southern Rock, or possibly an operatic touring company

#7 Fishbulb – "Mr. Sparkle" would also make a fantastic name, but Fishbulb just gets at the heart of what makes The Simpsons great

#6 Remorseless Eating Machine – There's no truth to the rumor that this is made up of the ghosts of Miami Sound Machine. (Too soon?) 

#5 Amanda Hugginkiss – Why can't I find Amanda Hugginkiss? (Maybe my standards are too high.)

#4 Serak the Preparer – If you were really cool, you'd have a bumper sticker made up saying, "Don't blame me, I voted for Serak the Preparer." (This one is really obscure, so ten points to anyone who got it.)

#3 Half-Inflated Dark Lord – This band could totally spin off of Spinal Tap. You've got death-metal just waiting to happen. Oy! (I love how they censored the syndicated episode.)

#2 Purple Monkey Dishwasher – I'm so excited about this one that I'm actually going to start it. I'm thinking Rap/Folk/Polka, or RaFolka. Who's with me?

And the number one obscure band name you can get from The Simpsons is….

#1 Stonecutters – You KNOW you want to sing along, so I have the lyrics for you. Long live Steve Gutenberg! 

Who controls the British crown? 
Who keeps the metric system down? 
We do! We do! 
Who leaves Atlantis off the maps? 
Who keeps the Martians under wraps? 
We do! We do! 
Who holds back the electric car? 
Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star? 
We do! We do! 
Who robs the cavefish of their sight? 
Who rigs every Oscars night? 
We do! We do!

(originally published July, 2007)

[August 2014 Update - I've been watching The Simpsons Every. Episode. Ever. marathon virtually non-stop for eight days. During that time I came up with a few more great obscure Simpsons references that would make killer band names. I was going to re-number the list. but it took me ten minutes to count how many episodes it's been; there was no way I could re-number everything and find pictures. Anyway, I hope you like them, and if you think of any more leave 'em in the Comments! -H]

Superslaw - This would probably work best as a Hellmann's Mayonnaise commercial band. You know, like how there was that Free Credit Report band for awhile?

Flying Hellfish - of if they are into pot - Flying Hellphish

Armin's Frozen Peas - These three words may be the funniest thing Skinner has ever said. Would work for a Weezer-type band

Whipping Cupcakes - To be honest, this might work better as a sexual position

Abattoir & Costello LLC - Would also make a FEARED Personal Injury Law Firm name

Space Coyote - If I made the list again, Space Coyote would be #1 with a bullet. Would also make a fantastic mascot for a football team!

"Good night, Springton; there will be no encore!"

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