New Network TV Shows for 2015

I told my friend Koz I would pull together a list of Fall Network TV Shows premiering this week, with times for viewing (or setting DVR), Encores (which many Networks do on Fridays and Saturdays to build momentum and make use of the dead space) if applicable, along with one-sentence synopses and preview trailers, if I could find them.

This isn't like my usually slate of Fall TV columns I am so justifiably famous for, where I watch every single one of the new shows and review them for my beloved Empire. For one, I have not the time or energy to do that this year. For another, I haven't actually seen any of the shows yet. (I could have used connections to get screener copies, but again, no motivation.)

The only reason I am putting this on my site is because a few other people mentioned they wanted the information, and it occurred to me that friends, family, Twitter groupies, Facebook freaks and Readers (if I still have any), might like it too, and not want to have to hunt it all down.

Will I do reviews of these (or any) new shows this year? Unlikely, but you never know. Anyway, here you go, in case you are interested. (all times Eastern, so weirdo Centralies and Mountaineers need to adjust.)

Monday September 21

MINORITY REPORT (8pm FOX; Encore 8pm Fri)
One Sentence Synopsis: Remember the totally awesome (and underrated) Spielberg movie (based on the totally awesome but properly rated Philip K. Dick short-story)? This is 11 years later, following the male pre-cogs. Trailer  

One Sentence Synopsis: CBS's version of Modern Family Trailer

One Sentence Synopsis: A woman shows up naked with amnesia possessing awesome skills (like a chick Bourne) BUT ALSO completely covered in tattoos that are clues to crimes THAT HAVE YET TO TAKE PLACE. Think of it as a kinkier Blacklist, and the best Trailer of the group. Trailer

Tuesday September 22

SCREAM QUEENS (8pm FOX; 2hr premiere ; Encore 8pm Thurs)
One Sentence Synopsis: Come see the college sorority girls are dying to get into...and out of! Trailer

THE MUPPETS (8PM ABC; Encore 830pm Fri)
One Sentence Synopsis: They're back, but this time instead of a Variety show, we get a look at their everyday lives in that new mockumentary-style. Trailer

LIMITLESS (10PM CBS; Encore 8pm Sat)
One Sentence Synopsis: Remember the Bradley Cooper movie where a pill let him be super smart? This picks up where that left off, except the new dude also helps the FBI solve crimes because, you know....CBS.  Trailer

Wednesday September 23
ROSEWOOD (8pm FOX; Encore 9pm Fri)
One Sentence Synopsis: He's a private pathologist (why not?) living in Miami, highly sought after by Law Enforcement. Think of it as Black House, with palm trees. Trailer

Thursday September 24

HEROES REBORN (8pm NBC; 2hr premiere)
One Sentence Synopsis: Remember the awesomeness of Heroes, before it fell off the rails? Well, they're back! The show most damaged by the Writers' Strike gets another shot. Say it with me: "Save the Cheerleader, save the world!" Trailer

One Sentence Synopsis: Wesley Snipes is a former Intelligence Officer and now a Las Vegas pit boss. Why didn't they call it New Sin City?  Trailer

Sunday September 27

One Sentence Synopsis: Largest Oil Boom EVER found in North Dakota. Sexy hi-jinks ensue. Trailer 

One Sentence Synopsis: I swear, I thought of "Homeland crossed with Grey's Anatomy," then I saw almost the exact same thing on Wikipedia! (Great Minds) Trailer

fwiw - FINAL CSI EVER (9pm on CBS; 2hr)
One Sentence Synopsis: Gil Grissom is back one last time, and this time he's breaking all the rul....just kidding. He's still following the evidence, except for the mountains of it telling him Sarah was garbage. Oh well. Trailer

More shows are coming in future weeks, but for now, hope that helps. If you watch any of them, let me know what you think in the Comments or hit me up on Twitter.


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Marg Marshall said...

Thx, looking forward to your reviews

Marg Marshall said...

Thx, looking forward to your reviews