Sifting Over Memory And Bone

Tripping through the Light to find the Stone
Sifting over Memory and Bone
Tracking through the maze
Filled with acrid, angry haze
Destined to forever be alone

Packing all the iron that can save
Splitting light across the arcing wave
Past sings out the Storm
Clotted red and salty warm
Shadows on the wall inside the Cave

Clawing through the carnage and the mud
Searching for a sign to end the Flood
Weakened by the Thirst 
And Remnant of the Cursed
Coursing with the venom of the Blood

Hidden Stone, forever lost from sight
Flowing through the Shadows of the Night
Bone - reduced to ash
Wears the Silence like a sash
Never to return into the Light

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Ltrain said...

This is awesome!