Sing The Song Of Night

Sing the Song of Night. 
Let the music of radiant Moon kiss light and life 
upon Sparkle and Shadow, their ethereal dance 
playful yet responsive to Night's dark rhythms. 
The drums of Night are Deep Magic, their 
percussive power a memory of an Earth who still Remembers. 

Sing the Song of Night, 
canvas cover of Night's silent circus, 
sweet and searing symphony of salvation and sin. 
Stars appear by permission only, crowded into 
cosmic amphitheater, eager to hear those 
first faint Night Notes, after the crimson crush of 
Day's departure slides slowly off the stage, and 
the new deep purple darkness concert commence. 

Sing the Song of Night, 
swollen swarm hangs heavy in the air, 
a buzz seeps into bone, and thought, 
and brings the tiniest trickle, 
the echo of memory of the Deep Magic. 
They say Memory lives in the blood, 
but nowhere will it even cast a shadow 
other than within the Night Song, 
when chords of pure light and pure darkness 
blend into infinity, and add themselves 
to the music of forever. 

Sing the Song of Night, 
voices of the Chorus 
rising in rhapsody, 
blending their life, lust and lies 
into perfect concomitance,
harmony to honor gods, 
and gods of gods,
and those who remember 
when Song and Breath 
were not separate words. 
Crystalline spotlight shines down 
Silver on Center Stage, 
awaiting Aria, 
and Illumination, 
of the way back, 
of the way forward, 
of the way out, 
and the way in. 

Sing the Song of Night, and Remember, and Believe. 

And Begin.  

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