When God Sleeps

They say God never sleeps,
but what if they are wrong?
Every other living being sleeps,
and what is the ultimate being
in the Universe, if not alive?

If then, God sleeps,
are we its dreams?


That sounds poetic, to be sure.
But maybe it is simpler than that.
Maybe when God is awake,
things are humming, rolling,
the wonder of evolution, the beauty of art,
the joy of music, the passion of love.

But when God sleeps.....

Earthquakes, cyclones, drought, utter devastation.
How long Would a supreme being sleep?
We sleep a third of our lives.

Ice Ages?

Maybe other stuff too.
Maybe sickness and sadness,
hate and horror.
Maybe toe tags and body bags
and...utter despair.

Maybe the evil in the hearts of men
come from God's nightmares, the kind
that seem so horribly unreal, and wrong,
so hard to wake and break, all a mistake.

You may argue that is complete gibberish.
Our dreams are just figments of our brains.
This is God we are talking about,
the most powerful being in the Universe.
Would not God's dreams have more consequences?

And why, for that matter, would not yours?
After all, when you wake from a bad dream
you are, if shaken and bewildered, alive.
But what of the world you left behind?

Is everything fine there?
Or, is that world staggering
in the wake of your nightmare,
the quagmire of your unconscious,
the sorrow of your soul?

Of course not, it was just a dream, you say,
rising to face the day, shaking the cobwebs
of that crazy image of all those animals in one boat.

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