carry away

carry away the heartache, carry away the lies
carry away the pity and disgust within your eyes
carry away the sadness, that makes you feel so blue
carry away most everything, but darling, never you

eliminate the violence, eliminate the rage
eliminate anxiety that locks you in a cage
eliminate the danger you fear is coming true
eliminate most everything, but darling, never you

atone for your transgressions, atone for callousness
atone for thinking you could walk away without a mess
atone for all the things that you swore you'd never do
atone for almost everything, but darling never you

forgive yourself the petty, forgive yourself the dumb
forgive all your self-pity you allowed to make you numb
forgive the hurt you caused, and the hurt they caused to you
return to where you're loved, and let's begin anew

[painting: Burial Of Atala by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson]

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