Bread of Life

XXXI Days of Poetry - Day the Eighteenth

Bread of Life

Message to Loaf First Responders
If you're one of those people
Who, with new loaf of bread, 
Reaches past the first piece
To the second piece instead,
Forcing that first piece to
The next to come along
(Unless they reach past also,
Furthering the wrong),
What you're doing's dangerous
And far from any good:
You're doing a disservice 
To the doughy brotherhood.
Make sure you understand
Exactly how I feel....
Your snobbery's abhorrent:
YOU'RE the actual Heel!

Probably the 9th Worst Thing Ever
When opening your loaf of bread
To make your P-B-J,
There is a situation that
Will totes ruin your day.
Sometimes the top-part lobey-things
(You know, the rounded curves),
Do not end up symmetrical, which
No man or beast deserves.
It means when slathering your bread
With creamy nut or jam, 
The slices must be flipped a certain 
Way or you'll be WHAMMED!
The no-longer matching lobes 
Will cause P-B and J spillage;
Producing such sub-standard fare
A Viking would not pillage.
And if you do not make the
Necessary calculations
You'll end up with a sandwich
Most unfit for third-world nations.
So to you fellow P-B-Jayers 
Looking for some hope:
Make sure your bread is equal-lobed
And you won't need to mope. 

XXXI Days of Poetry (2016)

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[ART - 
     Intro: "Rich and Poor" by Unknown Artist (17th Century)
     Outtro: "Boy with a Basket of Bread" by Evaristo Baschenis  (1617-1677)]

 He looks sad because he has to give it back


Joy said...

Your poems are so good that it makes me crave for bread...or PB & J !

Hyperion said...

I should get a commission from Big Wheat!