Come, gentle Moonlight

XXXI Days of Poetry - Day the Eighth

Come, gentle Moonlight

Moonlight kisses your skin through 
the slats of the window blinds. 
I know you can't feel it, or can you? 
You've always been connected to the 
Moon in a way that was beyond silly-girl 
memes and teenage screams. You say 
you are the Moon's child, but now you shiver, 
as if feeling the gentle kisses of a lover. 

Or maybe your shiver is caused by me. 

Moonlight may not have discernible weight. 
But my gaze does. Though I sit here in the 
Darkness, concealed, I bet - no, I KNOW - 
you can feel my eyes pour over you, scraping 
across your skin, so much rougher than the 
gentle Moonlight. Can you feel it? Can you 
feel the heat of my gaze, the hunger, the pure 
need as it grabs you, holds you here in the Darkness? 

Well, semi-dark. 

There still is that Moonlight, caressing gently, 
mottled on your skin where it penetrates the
blinds, searches you out, reaches for you in 
its own way. Can you feel us both? Which do 
you prefer, as you sit there quietly; the soft,
Moonlight kiss, or the feral Darkness hiss?

I move, suddenly. 
You jump, startled. 
But I'm not nearing you. 


I go to the window, the thin, plastic sentry 
who guards us from prying eys, from Light. 
Three half-turns, and Moonlight pours in, 
not a flood, but a steady current, and it 
seeks you, finds you, bathes you in its glow. 
Why do I do this? Why do I let a rival in, 
to vie for your attention and affections? 

Because I want the Moon to See.
To know that its gentle, radiant glow 
will never illuminate my Darkness, 
its sweet tones will never slake my thirst.
I want the Moon to see your back arch, 
and eyes close, and skin shiver as the 
heat of my gaze turns into the fire of my 
lips, tongue and teeth, bathing you in kisses. 

Come, gentle Moonlight, 
shine o'er us both, 
and watch what we can do.


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XXXI Days of Poetry (2016)

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[Paintings: Top - "Dresden by Moonlight" by Johan Christian Dahl (1788-1857)
                  End - "Moon and Stars" by Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939)]

 I'd just be happy if someone mooned me


Tonya Kinzer said...

Darkness....I think you should put words into a full story. Your writing is eloquent and should be seen by more eyes....

Anonymous said...

THIS WAS AWESOME! please publish