Dulcis Persica

XXXI Days of Poetry - Day the Fourth

Dulcis Persica

For three days I had you, 
On the couch, in my bed, 
Whenever and wherever I wanted. 
Ours was a sweet, wet, sticky passion,
A love blessed and ripened by the summer sun.
I would suck on you for hours, lick your juice 
from my lips with an aching relish. 
Then you went away, and my life 
Lost all meaning, hope and desire. 
I can't stop thinking about you. 
I miss the feel of you in my hands, 
The taste of your skin, the way you
Opened yourself to me, and gave unto 
Me, so I could devour your flesh. 
Come back to me.....
Sweet Peach.


XXXI Days of Poetry (2016)

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[Paintings both by Serge Marshennikov. Google him & fall in love with his work]

not my fault you didn't google Latin meaning of Dulcis Persica

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