Felis Silversteinis

XXXI Days of Poetry - Day the Seventh

Felis Silversteinis

Don't want to alarm you,
Or cause you undue fright;
Don't want you waking terrified and
Screaming in the night.
But there are some hard truths of which
You need to be aware:
It's time you learned the secret world
That's going on down there.

Sorry to be the one
To break this awful news. 
(And, I understand if
You need to gulp some booze.)
There is no easy way
To speak the awful truth;
But I will do my best
To handle it with 'couth. 

Down below your bed
(and couch and dresser too), 
Exists a secret clan; 
Half-feral and half-schmoo.
While staying out of sight, 
At night they have their run.
These creatures of the Steppe;
(that was an awful pun).

I wish I could do more, 
To put your mind at ease;
To gently calm your nerves, 
And steady your weak knees.
But Floor Monsters exist, 
Whether you believe or not.
So now that you've been warned, 
Try hard to not get caught!


[originally written in 2010; it was new to you, so don't hate]

XXXI Days of Poetry (2016)

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[Painting: "The Head of Medusa" by Peter Paul Rubens (1577- 1640)]

 Dinosaurs turned into birds and Monsters turned into.....


Anonymous said...

Hello from the other side! (quoted from Adele song btw *just in case I get called out for plagiarism...I know you writers*)

Anyhoo, this is Khaya from Amazon in Cape Town. I appreciate the the kind words shared in our conversation about an hour ago. Just thought I should post a comment in support of you my broer (means "my brother" in Afrikaans...Google it). I am particularly fascinated by your wit, extraordinary verbal talent and just your ability to shed light in this dark world. I will share this website with as many friends as possible (already did with my poet ex-girlfriend *crossing fingers for those brownie points..don't judge, I really miss her*).

This is a wonderful poem you wrote by the way and am very interested as to how true it really is.


Hyperion said...

Thank you so much! When you think you're not making a difference, that you're just wasting your time, this is the type of comment that can keep you going.

When the Revolution comes, I will make sure you're in charge of....pretty much all of Sub-Saharan Africa.