Past the Primrose Path

XXXI Days of Poetry - Day the Twenty-sixth


Past the Primrose Path 

Down the primrose path, and then
Go through the field, around the bend
Keep on for another mile
Until you see where rocks are piled
Up, in shape all pyramidal
A monument, a stranger's riddle
Stunning edifice of wonder
Untouched by the blight or plunder
Take some time to search the structure
Not a blemish, growth or rupture
Pristine, every stone and pebble
Music, synced from Bass to Treble
Nowhere be there signs of aging
Artifice, or hints of staging
Wonder, ye, what happened here
To whom and when, both day and year

Think back on your life of stories
Tales, fables, allegories
Was there one that struck a chord
Stayed with you, of own accord
All these years ago to measure
Story still can strike a treasure
In your mind a myst'ry calling
You to find the key enthralling
All those years ago withstanding
Never could you lose the branding
Unquenched hunger, now returning
Inner fires ever burning

Feeling same, as when a child
Staring at those rocks so piled
Somewhere from within a notion
Deep and wide as any ocean
Know you not what moved the current
Thought to mind without deterrent
Ponder on this monument
Who piled rocks, the time they spent
Know you not how came their end
And what they had to do as men
This is where they came to die
Of loved ones left, they said goodbye
Sadness overcomes your being
What you feel and what you're seeing
Why or how remains obscured
Or what they had before endured
Remains here something of the past
Deep and sacred, true and vast
Story faded, myth and bone
Left here, only piles of stone

XXXI Days of Poetry (2016)

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[ART - 
     Intro: "dessus de porte" by Johannes Baptista Petrus Coclers (1696–1772) 
     Outtro: "Primrose Path" by Mark Haworth (see his fine oil paintings)]

 Don't ask me about the symbolism: I CAIRN help you

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