XXXI Days of Poetry - Day the Sixth


I - Ode to Dr. Nick Riviera
I know my leg weighs 
more than my arm 
but does my arm weigh 
more than my head? 
This is what I want to 
know before I end up dead. 

II - Grammarian's Pique
That, is something up with which 
I simply will not put,
If you persist, then from your ass 
You must remove my foot.

III - Ken Burns (after he's been drinking)
Every man's a Library, an Island, 
A Country and a Curse, 
A promise of a Miracle, 
A vision of a Hearse. 

IV - Antiope's Revenge
Today I unholstered my gun
And pointed it up at the Sun
But it's not nice to shoot the source
Of heat and light (a solar force);
And so I put the gun away
To save it for another day
Perhaps a planet will act stupider
And I will get to shoot down.....

V - (with any luck, my Mother quit reading 2 verses ago)
Her demons make her wild
Her demons make her wet
I'm terrified to be alone with her and yet
I want to make her demons
Come into the light
& rip their throats out as 
I make her come all through the night


XXXI Days of Poetry (2016)

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[Paintings: Top - "Jupiter and Antiope" by Nicolas Poussin (1594-1655)
                  Below Poem - "Jupiter & Antiope" by Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641)
                  Bottom - by Lindsey Scott; purchase this or her other work on her Etsy page]

 I bet she asks me to go back to the sad stuff

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