Stopping by Life

XXXI Days of Poetry - Day the Thirty-first


Stopping by Life 

Allow my words to ebb and flow
Within your heart, and then you'll know
The secret music of the spheres
From mountain high to valley low

Cast off your worries and your fears
Be filled with joy amidst the tears
Though night may come and heart may ache
Your journey winds through years and years

The many paths your life can take
Through glory dreamt, and grave mistake
Surrender all your sorrows' rain
And let it ride in passing wake

The larger picture can't explain
Each step is hard and filled with pain
You've much to lose, but more to gain
You've much to lose, but more to gain

XXXI Days of Poetry (2016)

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[ART - 
     Intro: "Destruction of Tyre" by John Martin (1789–1854) 
     Outtro: "Nott" by Peter Nicolai Arbo (1831–1892)]

I was going to title it Stopping by Life on a Frosty Evening, 
but I thought that'd be too on the nose.
Thanks everyone who read the poems, encouraged 
and inspired me, and shared them with others. I'm glad I did this. 


Anonymous said...

Hello, and Merry Christmas. Did you get your gifts that we're on your wish list from Amazon? You are so talented.
Have a blessed day.

Hyperion said...

Yes! I was so excited and THANKFUL, but did not know whom it was from! I put out queries on Facebook and Twitter - I even offered hugs, kisses and gropes - wanting to properly thank my benefactor. Who be you?