XXXI Days of Poetry - Day the Twenty-fourth



Cleansed of the need for acceptance, 
Scoured of hope that I am what they 
Want, will ever be what they need;

I am ready for different direction. 

Cover me in ash until I am hidden from 
The Light. Char my soul black until it 
Strains the very woven fabric of Life. 

I am Done reaching out for embrace. 

When now I reach, let my hands be 
Filled with weapons, and let the Truth 
Of my words cut sharper than knives. 

If I cannot be loved, let me be feared. 

Let them cower and cover up their faces.
Let my name fill to bursting their lips
And form the rhythm of their heartbeats.

Let them know that I have come for them.

From now on I will take what I want and 
look not where I step to avoid giving hurt. 
I will hold, in tightest grip: what is mine.

I will expand exponentially: what is mine. 

I want it all, and I will take it. 
All but Love. That, you can keep. 
You will find it on the midden heap. 

You have been told. 

"Testament" has many thematic similarities to an entry from the 2012 version of 31 Days of Poetry: "Burn the World to the Ground"

XXXI Days of Poetry (2016)

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[ART - 
     Intro: Cover Art to Testament's Album "Dark Roots of Earth" by Eliran Kantor
     Outtro: apparently someone named Khaine from "Warhammer," whatever that is]

 Maybe this gets all the bitterness out of my system! (but, you know, probably not)

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