The Fox

XXXI Days of Poetry - Day the Twentieth

The Fox

Prowling fox upon the prairie
Matted coat; worn, gaunt frame
No vibrant flush or pristine glory
Achingly beautiful, all the same

Judge not, the fox, by pin-up standards
Westminster fetishes, they be
Survival through her wits and cunning
She's a majestic thing to see

XXXI Days of Poetry (2016)

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{This poem was written with an Orange Thin Crayola Marker. I feel you need to know these things.}

[ART - 
     Intro: "Fox in the Snow" by Jean Désiré Gustave Courbet (1819-1877)
     Outtro: "Study of a Fox" by Jacques-Laurent Agasse (1767-1849)]

 'I like to study foxes,' he said innocently.

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