Upon a slender stalk

XXXI Days of Poetry - Day the Second

Upon a slender Stalk

Death in the Hills
Calling to and fro
Pledging to spill blood
For all the gods you know

Down on the Plain
The Villagers go hide
If only that would save them
When the Warriors ride

BOOM go the guns
The ones that tear apart
If you could see the carnage
Would it break your heart?

Ash o'er the sky
Now falling to the ground
Remnants of the Village
Clump in little mounds

Oh, don't you wish
The slaughter would surcease?
That will happen only
When the Mad find peace

All of our lives
Upon a slender stalk
Never do we know
Just when the Music stops


[Bear with me a moment. Now that you've read the poem, go to YouTube and listen to this short children's campfire song. Then, read the poem again. If I've made the poem any creepier, I've done my job.  -H]

XXXI Days of Poetry (2016)

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[Painting: "The Destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum" by John Martin]

yeah: the last line didn't rhyme on purpose

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