XXXI Days Of Poetry (2016 Edition)

XXXI Days of Poetry
(2016 Edition)

Day the 1st - Prelude

Day the 2nd - Upon a slender stalk

Day the 3rd -  Addicted to the Pain

Day the 4th - Dulcis Persica

Day the 5th - More the Fool, I


Day the 7th -  Felis Silversteinis

Day the 8th - Come, gentle Moonlight

Day the 9th - Flowing through the shadows of the night

Day the 10th - If Roses were...

Day the 11th - I remember every broken heart

Day the 12th - Clinging Hope

Day the 13th - Dream Song, asked and answered

Day the 14th - Pain and Misery

Day the 15th - Left, is only the surrender

Day the 16th - Three Limericks about Boobies!

Day the 17th - Jealousy's Realm

Day the 18th - Bread of Life

Day the 19th - "What I Might Have Done"

Day the 20th - The Fox

Day the 21st - Sonnet 1

Day the 22nd - Sixteen Thoughts that came After

Day the 23rd - Scent Memory

Day the 24th - Testament

Day the 25th - Frozen Dessert Bungalow

Day the 26th - Past the Primrose Path

Day the 27th - On Dreams

Day the 28th - Silence Soft and Darkness Tender

Day the 29th - Dreams of a Me that will never be

Day the 30th - Creative Baby Names

Day the 31st - Stopping by Life


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