the voices 
make choices 
(like noises mitoses) 
their joy says 
rejoice for all 
soon will be dead

their trilling 
is grilling and 
drilling, instilling
a will to 
be killing 
(just to quiet my head)

1) Found this in a notebook the other day. No memory of writing, but in my handwriting, along with every possible rhyme combination imaginable. Persephone helped me piece together that I probably wrote it in 2010. It's in Iambic Hexedecamater, much like this poem I wrote in June, 2010. (There is one other instance; a small verse of a larger work. Worth over 10.00 Hyperion Empire points (you read that right) to the first person who can find it. 
2) Please read "Voices" out loud. Or have someone read it to you. Or call me and I will read it to you. Poetry is alive, and meant to be spoken, meant to be heard. Reading poems without hearing or speaking them is like checking out someone's new music by reading the lyrics and score. Makes no sense, right? WORK WITH ME.
3) Thanks to Persephone for helping me find pictures, and also yelling at me to publish it, and not worry about upsetting people
4) No Voices were harmed in the writing or posting of this poem.

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Disappointed I didn't work Rolls Royces 
in there somewhere. Next time.

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