The Chalice


Gaze upon the Chalice
Feel the thundering night
Embrace the hopeless challenge
Of ever feeling right

Pour the amber spirit
Fill the Chalice full
Draw the symbol near it
Seal the bargain whole

Speak the incantation
Raise the Chalice high
Await the integration
Of water, earth, and sky

Quaff the liquid fire
Deep into your throat
Feel the dark desire
Covering to coat

Sanctify the blessing
Prepare the sacrifice
Count up all the missing
Those who paid the price

Stare up at the ceiling
Filter out the ghosts
Magnify the feeling
Usurper and host

Calibrate the answer
Offered to the dead
Become the necromancer
Of fire, magic bled

Castigate the madness
Flow into the Earth
Quantify the sadness
Questioning your worth

Call upon the Chalice
Drink the answer in
Cut into the malice
Purify your sin

Grasp the silver Chalice
Melting into gold
Feel the crumbling palace
Never growing old

Slice into the muscle
Swallowing a groan
Slip the shadow’s rustle
Memory and bone

Celebrate the dawning
Circling the night
Call unto the morning
Consecrate the light

Sear the Chalice magic
Burning talisman
Embrace the graceful tragic
Follow where it’s been

Exalt the benediction
Arise the future nigh
The fire and the friction
Of water, earth, and sky

[ART - 
     Intro: "Chalice" photograph by Henri Le Secq (ca. 1850) 
     Outtro: "The Titan's Goblet" by Thomas Cole (1801–1848)]



Anonymous said...

Beautiful imagery, though solemnly saddened by your sorrow.

Hyperion said...

I am sorrowfully solemn by your solemn sadness.